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Through our mentoring programme and workshops, we develop young people who are more informed, confident and able to make well-reasoned decisions about their future. We are committed to working with young people from underserved communities, understanding the specific challenges they experience and motivating them to achieve their full potential.

Bespoke Mentoring Programme

We work with organisations to create bespoke mentoring programs for young people to ensure your outreach endeavors have an impact in the community. We create session resources and activities that align with your company vision and values, train your employees to deliver them effectively and track engagement and impact in your mentees. Programmes last as long as you wish to commit your workforce’s time, from an 8 week to a 2 year commitment.

Become a JAG Mentor

We are looking for professional mentors to connect with young people, especially those who can share their own social mobility stories.

Support our Empower Me mentoring scheme or workshops – bring your real life experiences to our sessions as you engage and challenge our mentees. We welcome those who came from both graduate and apprenticeship routes.

Mentor a young person 1-2-1 and form a powerful relationship by investing in them

Give a Spotlight Talk

Share your knowledge, passions, failure and experience with young people. Connect with us to bring your experience to life by delivering a short talk and Q&A session with young people. These normally last up to 60 minutes and maybe virtual (via Google Meet) or in person.

Sponsor Us

Become a sponsor to help fund our programmes or offer a one-off donation or venue. Donations will help us to achieve some of our broader ambitions and scale our impact

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