When you die, how will you be remembered? A harsh opening line I know, but it is a powerful question that can lead to important changes.

I attended a funeral a few months ago and it got me thinking about how I’ll be remembered when I die. Over three hundred people came to pay their respects to someone they very clearly loved. The queue to enter the church was something that I had never seen before. It wound down the stairs of the church long before the service had even started. The service itself was beautiful, filled with fond memories from close friends and family, who all spoke about his kindness, charity and sense of humour. I was easily moved thinking about how one person could affect so many. I guess it made me reflect on whether I was living my life to the fullest and whether one day I would leave a lasting impression. I know I’d like to think so but the truth is more complicated. Living from the heart is difficult. It requires facing and then transcending your core fears.

The way I face my fears is coming to terms with my own mortality. I know I won’t be alive forever and I can’t know for certain when my time is up. It’s so easy

to get comfortable with life or distracted by; other people; social media; our fears and demons. Sometimes it takes something life-threatening for us to snap out of our haze and kick start our productivity. But why must we wait until then? When we truly accept the inevitability of death it can give us a renewed sense of urgency about living life to the fullest.  

Accepting your own mortality strips away the lies, excuses and illusions you feed yourself. If these barriers move you further away from your purpose or your intended legacy they are not necessary. After challenging them you may find the power or confidence you didn’t know you had.

How I want to be remembered:

  • Someone who extended love to others
  • A loving husband and father
  • Someone who inspired others to live a life they love
  • Homestand real, not interested in pretending to be somebody else
  • Valued time with family and friends
  • Enjoyed exercise, valued health and happiness
  • Set goals and was determined to keep growing, changing and learning
  • Compassionate
  • Never gave up, no matter what happened.

The most powerful currency in the world is time, once you spend it you cannot earn it back. Stop procrastinating and act today.

How do you want to be remembered? Please comment below

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