Leave 2020 behind and join Just A Guy’s mission to be active every day throughout January 2021. Join in if you need to kick start some healthy habits, need help in carving out 20 minutes to focus on yourself each day or are looking for a way to push yourself further. The #MoveWithJAG21 challenge is simple, commit to being active for the 30 days by doing one or more of the following activities for at least 20 minutes:

  1. Running 
  2. Walking
  3. Working at home or the gym when they open.
  4. Cycling
  5. Swimming
  6. Skipping 
  7. Yoga
  8. Stretching
  9. Dance
  10. Football
  11. Any other physical activity 

So, are you up to the challenge? Here’s how to get involved:

Let the people know 

Share the pledge graphic on your social media, use the hashtag #MoveWithJAG21 and tag a friend or two who might be interested.

For Instagram
For Twitter and Facebook

Plan what you are going to do

Have a rough idea of what you are going to do on each day. A bit of advice you shouldn’t do back-to-back high-intensity workouts; you’ll simply burn out and this is not a sprint event. If you are just starting your fitness journey keep it simple. 

Get that evidence picture.

After each daily activity, share a picture on social media using the hashtag #MoveWithJAG21 and tag @JustAGuy_LT. This will help us to keep you accountable, provide inspo to others and will be an easy way for us to give you your props.

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