Online Careers Fair

Online Careers Fair

Just A Guy Foundation is happy to announce this summer we will be presenting an online careers fair for secondary school students. So many have had formal work experience cancelled due to COVID-19, but we still want to engage young people in learning more about the jobs they might have in the future.

You can access the timetable for the event here

The careers fair will run from Monday 6th July – Wednesday 8th July at 10:00 AM-11.30 AM and 2:00 PM-3.30 PM. Each day will bring new guests who will share their advice and experiences as they focus on specific industries. Sessions will include a Q&A session so that students can learn as much as possible from the guest speakers.

We will email again in the week commencing 22nd June with a detailed overview of the speakers in each session. We will provide a link so that students and teachers can join the live stream at the specified time.

Safeguarding: Students and other viewers will have their camera and microphones disabled during the event. Students will be able to ask questions in advance or type them into the live stream chat which will be monitored.

Let’s make sure the younger generation know they can be and do anything they put their mind to, so long as they work for it.

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