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Through our mentoring programme and workshops, we develop young people who are more informed, confident and able to make well-reasoned decisions about their future.


We offer a mentoring programme that runs over the course of one or two years. The mentoring programme is aimed at Key-stage 4 and Key-stage 5 students (Year 9-13) and is focused on raising the aspirations, commitment and motivation of targeted students. Students who complete the program engage better in their studies which enhances their academic outcomes and clarity about the direction for the next phase of their life.

Assemblies and talks

If you have an event coming up and are looking for an honest, captivating and inspirationa speaker than Lawrence should be your first choice. As a former teacher and Head of Faculty he is used to presenting, he cleverly draws on a wide range of experiences that hook and engage an audience. Students, teachers and senior leaders have fed back on how transformational and appropriate his messages are.


Workshops focus on goal setting, resilience building and planning for success. Participants leave sessions feeling empowered, better informed, and motivated to make positive changes in their lives.


Social Media Awareness Workshop

G-Suite Digital skills for parents

CV Workshop

Goal Setting & Motivation Workshop

Relationship Building Workshop

G-Suite Digital skills for parents

This year’s school closures due to COVID 19 cemented the importance of effective digital skills. Parents were thrust into a new way of supporting their children from home with their remote learning. Sessions will support parents with basic digital skills so they can support their children and get up to speed with Google Education.

Staff CPD

Lawrence draws on his experience of being a former Head of Faculty in secondary school to deliver a range of CPD for schools. He has a wealth of knowledge of implementing a digital strategy for schools or implementing G-Suite. Since leaving teaching Lawrence has delivered training around the world on behalf of a Google Education Partner. Every session is bespoke and caters to the school’s developmental needs and requirements.