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The return to the gym!

The thing I have missed the most is going to the gym! The gym is my release, I go there to be alone (sounds silly with all those sweaty people there) but once those ear phones go in I am in the zone! So it has been really hard not being active and I’ve noticed I’ve put on weight. I think I’m a big boned person at heart, I have to work to keep in shape.

Before returning to the gym I booked a meeting with my old athletics coach Nigel to ask him to train me again. Not for sprint training but to help me with my recovery. Sometimes I can be my own worse enemy by pushing myself too hard and I end up doing more harm than good so I wanted advice. Trust me I don’t want any further set backs, I’ve had enough for a life time (If you are wondering what happened read the blog more regularly, I joke I joke). So I knew I needed his advice. The meeting with Nigel was productive we set out some ground rules and got started.

The first session was just to see what I could and couldn’t do – to get some baseline data. I went on the bike for 12 minutes on level 1- please don’t laugh, remember I am still on two crutches. It felt ok to start with but my pain returned so had to jump off, sorry mean hobble off.

I then attempted the rowing machine which I was a bit apprehensive about as I thought it would hurt my knees. Proud that I managed to do 11 minutes, however I couldn’t fully bend my knees as it was too painful. I then spent 2 and a half minutes on the cross-trainer (tougher than I thought).

Onto the weights room where I started with the leg press (just to put this into context I normally squat 130 kg) but this time I was only able to do 10 kg for three reps which was a real struggle. Just before I got on the leg press one man wouldn’t stop staring at me and asked me whether I was sure about using it. I nodded and used his question as motivation to try. I did a few light reps and then some other machines (my chest game is still strong!).

Overall it felt good to be back in the gym but I could not help but feel annoyed and frustrated, this was nothing like any gym session I’ve had before. But ultimately I am determined to get back to my old self or somewhere near it. Nigel was happy with my baseline performance but made me  promise not to push too hard myself.  The recovery  program he designed for me is actually called ‘patience’ and that is exactly what I’m going to need.

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