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I had an MRI scan not too long ago. I didn’t say anything to anyone as didn’t want to worry people….a lot of that has been done already. To be honest I didn’t really want to think about it let alone talk about it.

So here I am in the waiting area of the Neurology department,  sweaty palms, knots in my stomach, heart racing as I wait for the consultant. I realise I might be hungry having missed my daily Wheetabix due to nerves. I look around in the waiting room and notice three other people looking nervous, tapping their feet and rubbing their hands.

I am trying to be positive, hey I am down to one crutch so I just need to stay away from the friend (Grace) who pushed me!

Do they draw out the waiting times of these appointments on purpose? I feel am about to throw up. 

An old couple came out and you could tell it wasn’t good news but the husband still smiled, I guess he has to. He has to be strong for her.  It scares me when I see elderly people in the waiting area, this is going to sound bad but I don’t want to see what I could potentially end up like. The inability to move scares me to death.

I need to stop writing as I’ve been called in……..

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