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Spasms and Jerks

So I just finished watching ‘Rise of the 300’, which was a complete waste of time. I can’t remember anything memorable about the film. There was an over reliance of both CGI and fake blood which was constantly splattered across the screen.

Anyway, the film finished at midnight And it was time for bed, I couldn’t wait as I was falling asleep on the sofa. You know when you get that feeling like you’re about to sleep and your counting down the minutes to crawl in bed and murder that sleep all night long. Unfortunately that didn’t happen for me something else was waiting.

As I lay my head down, I started to suffer from sleep paralysis (one of the most scariest things ever, when you feel like your drifting off but you can’t move your body). It happened a few more times so I decided to sit up. After a while I lay back down to see if I could get off to sleep.This time I started having involuntary movements a.k.a. spasms. The spasms were different from other spasms that I have suffered, these were more violent and intense.

I then started to suffer with paralysis in my legs. I was unable to move them, they just felt like heavy logs. Then the myoclonic jerks started. I was fully conscious and felt every tremor in my body but I couldn’t control my movement.

I had to call the ambulance as this was getting serious. The ambulance took four hours to arrive (called 111- didn’t really want the flashing lights as I could still breathe ok). By the time they arrived my symptoms started to settle down except the movement of my left. Even as I am writing this my left leg is not doing what I want it to do.

The paramedics that turned up were really helpful and checked my vitals. Everything was pretty much alright by then except the paralysis in my leg. I sort of ended up feeling like I had wasted their time and a annoyed that I can’t always control the things that happen to me.

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