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It’s been a while!

Right I am going to hold my hands up! It been months since I have touched my blog and I am holding my head in shame. When I started this blog it was meant to be a place for me to share the journey of my life and the recovery from my attack last year.

It’s that age old problem time and then work takes over! When I was in hospital I made  promises to myself and if I’m being honest I started off well, but have not really kept them. You know the kind of promise I mean:

• “I promise to take better care of myself- I’ll get back into exercising tomorrow”
• “I promise to spend more time with my loved ones”
• “I promise to have a better balance and stop working so much”
• “I promise to start being smarter with my money after the next pay day”
• “I promise I’ll start my new job search next week”

More often than not, we don’t live up to these personal commitments and we screw ourselves over. These are just some of the general promises that people make, there is so much more to life than just working every hour God sends. It’s only when something distract happens in our life that we are forced to evaluate where we are and what we have missed out on, isn’t this something we should do more often.

Yes, you guessed it I was admitted to hospital, it was only for one day but it scared the hell out of me. The reason why it did was because it was similar to last years event and I thought here we go again. Then I started to reflect on the promises I made when I was in hospital last year and realised I haven’t really fulfilled any of them.  So in short that’s why I am writing this blog to remind me who I am and what I want achieve in my life.

You may think I am being harsh on myself, but all I am doing is holding myself accountable. I want more from life, I want to be the best I can.


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