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First hydrotherapy session

I had my first hydrotherapy session today at st Thomas hospital, I was nervous to return back to the hospital I had previously spent a month in. When I arrived at the physiotherapy gymnasium I was surprised  to see a large group of elderly people in the middle of a vigourous warm up (bit baffling as I was expecting to see a pool of some sort). I had to ask for directions to the pool, but I guess I wasn’t really listening as I ended up getting changed in the dry changing room instead of the wet changing room. Obviously confused to find no pool I returned to the gymnasium in just my swimming trunks (the Female OAPs stopped their exercising to cop a look). The phyiso shook his head surprised at my confusion, told me I didn’t listen and then led me and my belongings to the pool area.

I was greeted by a different phyiso who went through the rules with me (basically the same as any public swimming pool). Pumped and ready for action I approached the pool until I noticed one of the instructors was shivering. Just my luck the heating wasn’t working! As I started to submerge myself into the freezing cold water I briefly forgot the pain. I was instructed to warm up by doing six lengths of the pool, it felt good to be walking with less pain.  I then did 20 squats, 20 calf raises, 20 Lateral Lunges, side and back kicks on each leg (with weights) and 20 Step-ups.  That was the first session done, ah yeah! As I left the pool the pain level crept back and I instantly felt the workout I had just done.

The steps I took today were small but I feel I’m heading in the right direction. Right I am off to have a well earned nap!!!

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