About the foundation

Just A Guy Foundation is a non-profit Social Enterprise, on a mission to help young people develop key practical and interpersonal skills that will help them to thrive as adults. We are committed to working with young people from underserved communities, understanding the specific challenges they experience and motivating them to achieve their full potential.

Just A Guy was originally set up to document Lawrence Tijjani’s recovery from a severe epileptic seizure that affected his physical mobility. His honest account of his experiences have resonated with a large audience, who found his personal strength and determination to work through his rehabilitation and now chronic symptoms, inspirational. As a result, it has now transcended into a full social enterprise that offers a whole range of services to help 14-25 year old’s navigate their way through life!


To improve the aspirations and educational outcomes of disadvantaged young people. We believe that by providing young people with access to networks of advice, support and mentoring they will drive their own social mobility. Through our mentoring programmes and workshops we develop young people who are more informed, confident and able to make well-reasoned decisions about their future.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote the following characteristics in the young people we work with so that they are:

Aspirational thinkers: able to set specific goals for their own futures, with the flexibility and motivation to achieve them.

Seeking a growth mindset: believing their abilities can be developed through hard work and effort over time.

Resilient when faced with challenges: able to deal with difficulties in a positive way and bounce back from adversity stronger.

Developing high self-efficacy: able to apply their knowledge and skills confidently.

Meet The Team

Sheriden Bushay

Workshop Facilitator
Ben Rouse

Safeguarding Lead
Joanna Nottage